Plantfrow - Daniel Suggitt 500x500px.jpgName: Steve Suggitt
Innovation: PlantGrow

Steve and his brother Daniel, a large-scale agricultural contractor from Norwich, have launched PlantGrow, which successfully uses a by-product from the AD plants which are part of their business.

Daniel says: “Steve grows energy crops for an AD plant feeding the National Grid. Our farm has used the residue left from the plant matter for more than four years, which has replaced artificial fertiliser completely.”

The brothers have developed and launched PlantGrow. It is specifically for horticultural use and gardeners and is available in a bottled form, plus a solid soil conditioner.

Daniel says: “We are the first in the UK to do this. In fact, we now grow crops specifically for the best analysis of the plant food, so our by-product [of the AD plant] is now the electricity.”